Septic and Leach Drains

Harvey Plumbing and Gas can provide a solution for residents who do not have access to the sewerage system in the Shire of Harvey and Waroona, including the Coolup area. Harvey Plumbing and Gas can assist with new installations of septic tanks, leach drains and pump pits as well as with the repair of these. We are also able to assist with communicating with the appropriate Shires to ensure your installation meets current regulations.

If your Septic and Leach Drains system is not working appropriately give Harvey Plumbing and Gas a call and we will investigate.

Remember maintaining and repairing your septic system regularly will keep it healthy. Harvey Plumbing and Gas have the necessary experience and  knowledge of septic tanks and leach drains to assist with any issues you may be experiencing with your effluent waste disposal system.

Septic and Leach Drains

We can assist you with:

  • Application to install with your local Shire including completing the application form and the illustrative plans of the proposed plumbing layout as well as communicating with the shire and following up the application
  • Installing the septic tanks, leach drains and pump pit as per the Shire approval
  • Organising a final inspection with the Shire’s Environmental Health Office to ensure that a permit to use is supplied allowing you to use the system.

Harvey Plumbing and Gas can also assist you to arrange for desludging or the pumping out of your septic tanks.

As a guide the local Shire suggest that desludging or pumping out is completed:

  • Two-person households: Every eight years
  • Four-person household: Every four years
  • Four+ person household: More often is recommended.

Desludging and Pumping out requires a licensed liquid waste contractor which Harvey Plumbing and Gas can arrange.

Call Harvey Plumbing and Gas at 0428 833 077, and we’ll gladly offer you an on-site examination and a comprehensive assessment.

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