Appliance Installation Coolup

All of the appliance installation needs that you have in Coolup may be taken care of by the highly skilled and experienced professionals at Harvey Plumbing and Gas. Every single make and model of home equipment, including those that we had previously installed,
  • Dishwashers
  • Natural gas and LPG ovens
  • Stand-Alone Stoves
  • Natural gas and LPG cooktops
  • Washing machines and dryers for garments
  • Refrigerators with ice makers
  • Electric and gas water heating systems

Are you in search of a reliable and reasonable person to install or replace your household appliances? Well you’ve found them!

With more than 15 years of experience, Harvey Plumbing and Gas Services are experts in the plumbing and gas fields. In the Coolup region, we install appliances in residences and commercial buildings each month.

Harvey Plumbing and Gas is there for you every step, from beginning to end.

Appliances are a need as well as something that makes your house look better. When you engage a seasoned appliance installation technician like us to install your brand-new, high-end, and built-in appliances, upgrading your appliances can be completed without incident.

How It Works

First step: Submit your data

Fill out the online form to arrange a professional independent installer’s visit to your home to measure your area and determine your appliance needs.

Step Two: Request a Quote

After your measurement is finished, we’ll send you a quote. In addition to special financing choices that meet your budget, it will include the product and labour. We’ll respond to any of your inquiries and arrange a convenient installation date.

Step Three: Installation Day

After the installation is finished, the installer will tidy up, review the manufacturer’s care and maintenance recommendations with you, and ensure you’re completely satisfied.

What To Expect From Us

Assembler will:

  • Generally, obtain the necessary permits.
  • Connect your new appliance to the existing electrical, gas, and plumbing systems.
  • Check for leaks in gas appliances, then install a new flexible gas connector (customer provided)
  • Install a new metal vent for gas dryers (customer provided)
  • Test the new appliance to make sure it functions properly.

Harvey Plumbing and Gas is regarded as Coolup’s most knowledgeable authority on installing appliances. This is because we always handle every customer with the highest level of professionalism and honesty. We provide a service that can be completed within the same day at an affordable price, allowing you to immediately begin utilising your brand-new high-end equipment. We provide up-front pricing for all of our built-in appliance installation services, including those for the range, the dishwasher, and the refrigerator.

To give every customer’s home the “white glove treatment,” we cover and protect the working area from the mess of installing new appliances. This takes a lot of care and attention on our part. Our team is well-versed in handling any aspects of installing high-quality home appliances.

Harvey Plumbing and Gas can assist you whether you need a single appliance installed at home, a whole kitchen renovated, or several installations at a business property or facility.

Please do not hesitate to contact Harvey Plumbing and Gas if you have any questions or concerns concerning the installation of your appliances or if you would like us to give you an estimate.

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