Vacationing Out of Town? Six Essential Plumbing Things You Must Do

You’re getting ready to head out of town for the holidays and have already packed your swimsuit or ski equipment. On the other hand, if you haven’t taken the time to perform a few preventative plumbing maintenance tasks, your trip back home might not be as joyful.
Before you head out of town for the holidays, there are six plumbing tasks that need to be completed at your home. Here is a list of those tasks.

1. Turn It Off Outside

Blocked Pipes and Drains Perth
Take some time to drain your outside spigots before leaving town. Your pipes may freeze when the weather drops, leading to broken and leaking spigots.

2. Go Into Vacation Mode

Before you go, it is important that you inspect your water heater for any obvious signs of a problem. Reduce the temperature on your water heater if everything seems to be operating OK, and if your model has the capability, set it to the “vacation” setting while you’re away.

3. Avoid an Unpleasant Return

Before leaving town for the holidays, we frequently empty our refrigerator and throw a lot of food down the garbage disposal.
To ensure there isn’t food that will cause your home to smell while you are away, spend a few minutes cleaning your garbage disposal.

4. Shut Main Valve

Turning off your main shut-off valve is one of the most effective strategies to avoid a plumbing emergency while you’re away. Water won’t be able to enter your property due to this.
After you shut off the main valve, open all your faucets around the house and drain any remaining water from the existing pipes.

5. Play Around With Your Sprayer

Make careful to switch off your sprinkler system if you still need to do so and the main water valve. Small leaks that go unnoticed can become a major problem when you return to town.

6. Avoid Faucet Deficiency

You probably need to set aside money for your trip, so why allow a leaky faucet to cause you to lose money? Be sure to take care of any leaky faucets before you leave town.

We Can Provide Same-Day Service.

A few preventative steps will help you avoid a plumbing issue when you return from your Christmas trip or winter vacation if you are leaving town to see family.
Our professionals at Harvey Gas and Plumbing can help with your holiday plumbing preparations. Since plumbing problems never have a day off, you can count on our plumbers to provide same-day service seven days a week to keep your home functional.
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